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Much is happening in the campaign to defend the Local Government Pension Scheme, so for up to date news about

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LGPS Newsletter Issue 1 January 2017

 Key Facts About LGPS 2014 Proposals and LGPS Members

  •  90% of members will pay the same or less contributions as now
  • Most part-time workers and those with actual pensionable earnings between £15,801 and £21,000 will pay less in LGPS 2014
  • Over 55% of local government workers work part-time
  • Only those earning over £43,001 will pay more
  • They make up just 4% of LGPS members
  • 95.6% members earn less than £43,000 – the point at which contributions increase
  • The LGPS 2014 will for many members deliver a better pension than LGPS 2008, especially for those with less than 20 – 25 years of membership
  • But the average length of membership in the scheme is just 7 years, so most members will do better in LGPS 2014
  • From 1 April 2014 the Normal Pension Age (NPA) will be at least 65 and will then increase in line with the State Pension Age – which is set to rise to 68 between 2044 and 2046. All pensionable service before 1 April 2014 will retain a Normal Pension Age of 65
  • The existing Rule of 85 protections will remain. Members aged 55 or over at 1 April 2012 will be protected by an underpin, which ensures that those people will be no worse off as a result of these changes. Under the proposals there are no plans to remove the pension protection for those made redundant from age 55
  • Those who have to work longer will get a bigger pension because they will be paying contributions – and benefitting from employer contributions for longer
  • Because all earnings will be pensionable – including non-contractual overtime and additional hours for part-time workers – members will have bigger pensions than now

Most UNISON members not in the LGPS give cost and low pay as the reason.  The “50/50 option” will help them to join